When Amber Wilson stumbles across a mushroom that turns men into love slaves, she and her friends decide to go into the love potion business. But a tribe of Maori gangsters already use the mushrooms to fuel erotic vacations for wealthy women. Trespassing on the gangster's territory might cost Amber, and the man she loves, their lives.
When terrorists obtain a nanotechnology weapon capable of destroying the human race, an English cop who won't give up becomes mankind's only hope for survival.
2013 Indie Book
Awards Finalist.
Pete Barber
I was born into a blue-collar family in Liverpool, England--missed The Beatles but did go to The Cavern a few times (a real dump!)

After immigrating to the US in the early 90s, I became a citizen and lived the American dream.

Burned out from twenty years in the corporate world, my wife, Joyce, and I bought a run-down, dog-friendly motel in Carolina Beach.

Eight years later, we tore it down and moved to Lake Lure, North Carolina, where we live with a couple llamas, two spoiled dogs, a brace of cookie-eating goats, numerous chickens, and one ferocious cat.

Oh, and I write fiction.

Fiction. . .
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Coming Summer 2014.
Two weeks before Christmas, 2008, a stray Iraqi rocket explodes a few feet from three off-duty US Army Sergeants. The Military repairs their bodies, but the consequences of unseen injuries are more far-reaching. TBI and PTSD will wreck their careers, their families, and will force one soldier to make the ultimate sacrifice.
Coming Spring 2015.